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    Nike Air Max Light LE and the Court Force High

    Nike Air Max Light LE and the Court Force High

    Item Number:


    Polka Dot Nike Air Max Baksetball Shoes - Only $44.99 Polka Dot Nike Air Max Baksetball Shoes - Only $44.99 Polka Dot Nike Air Max Baksetball Shoes - Only $44.99

    Polka Dot Nike Air Max Baksetball Shoes - Only $44.99

    The Turquoise Package, which is an attractive new package, will be released in this year. This new package is made according to two pairs of classic models, which are the Nike Air Max Light LE and the Court Force High. As these two models with their smart designs had received good comments in the past, Turquoise Package is going to draw the attention of customers, especially of sneaker fanatics, once more. There are mainly two colors of this package: turquoise and yellow. The upper of the shoes is colored by turquoise, while the accents is colored by yellow. Besides, either silver, metallic 3M or polka dot has been used in detailing.Thanks to its striking colors and agreeable color design, this package will easily be remembered by people. Walking with this package on the street, both the shoes and owners will give passerby a brisk feeling.If someone wants to select a package for himself and his sweet-heart, maybe this Turquoise Package is a good choice. With classic models and elaborate color designs, this Turquoise Package will become the favourite shoe for customers. It is said that this new package will be displayed on the shelves of Nike stores in a few weeks. By way of Vagant.
    More about Polka Dot Nike Air Max Baksetball Shoes - Only $44.99 will be continued

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