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    Nike Hyperdunk

    Here is a piece of exciting news from Beaverton in Orleans. It is reported that Nike and Kobe Bryant released a new sneaker model the Nike Hyperdunk. This kind of sneaker is not heavy at all but very strong. It is also said that this lightest and strongest sneaker will be used in the 2008 Olympic games which will be held in Beijing. Honorably, the Nike Hyperdunks will aid those athletes coming from more than one hundred different countries. All those nations will fiercely compete for the gold medal with the aid of the Nike Hyperdunks as reported officially. Nike President and CEO Mark Parker said that Nike had made an extraordinary performance in the 2008 Olympic games. It was the best sneaker that Nike has ever done. And he added that in honor of those high level athletes all over the world, Nike designed The Nike Hyperdunk with a special feature that is its fantastic weight. The Nike Hyper Dunk may be the lightest sneaker all over the world.

    Nike devotes too much effort on controlling weight, in return, those sneakers enable many athletes to break the Olympic or the world record which we believe is the most valuable medal for The Nike Hyper Dunk. As you know the competition of the Olympic games is extremely tough. Anyone who wants to win the medal must be armed to the teeth or to be equipped with high quality products. It is precious and indispensable for those athletes to have a pair of lightest sneaker which of course help them a lot. If you have a pair of The Nike Hyper Dunk, they will make you fasted than those without it. Athletes are deserved this kind of sneakers for their effort in breaking the record. In order to witness these amazing products, Parker and Kobe paid a visit to the company’s World Headquarters which is situated in Orleans. The Nike Hyper Dunk is on the spot now for the effort of Parker and Kobe who broadcast it all over the world. They unfold the properties of the Nike Hyper Dunk before us. There are various sorts of product from shoes which are made with the aid of lightweight technology and the material of the sneakers is tougher than lead. They can be as solid as bullet proof vest. The special material which is made from a certain kind of chemistry material is used as buffering apparatus which can assist athlete to keep or break the record. Believe it or not, the Nike Hyper Dunk weighs only 12.99 ounces. The common Nike basketball sneakers are much heavier than the Nike Hyper Dunk. This kind of sneaker will do wonder for our athletes. For example, Kobe runs at the average speed at 2.5 miles. Because the shoes are very light, Kobe consumes far less than those who wear ordinary sneakers. So the chance to win the competition will swell. It is said that Kobe will run wearing the Nike Hyper Dunk when he takes part in the event.

    All in all, the Nike Hyper Dunk is head and shoulders above ordinary shoes. You will have the chance to see this kind of sneaker when the Lakers compete with the Clippers in the next month. We are looking forward to the official release of the Nike Hyper Dunk three months later. Don’t expect to buy it at a low price. It will lure you to spend all your savings.

    More about Nike Hyperdunk will be continued.


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