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    "Thank you very much for your patience and quick responses. One of the numerous reasons this is my fourth time ordering from your site, "
    2014-02-25 18:09

    "I haven't got an email yet of my tracking order yet, I placed my order on 2/21."
    2014-02-24 23:09

    "hey this is Jennifer Williams I placed an order Thursday to 2014 and I was wondering when was my order being shipped out I haven't received an email or nothing for tracking or confirmation please contact me as soon as possible"
    2014-02-23 04:07

    "icarly order some shoes Thursday I was wondering when does my tracking number, I have no information sent to my phone rush order please give me a call"
    2014-02-23 04:04

    "Hey wanna no when do I get the tracking number I been.order"
    2014-02-22 18:24

    "Wasup sneakerright I love the site I was just wondering when would I receive my tracking number I thank you all for everything!!!"
    2014-02-19 15:50

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