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    "hey wandering when i will be getting my order tracking number? no one is repying to my emails."
    2014-10-29 19:35

    "You guys are my trade secret it doesn't take that long and I get what I need thanks so much for this site you guys are awesome."
    2014-10-27 05:43

    "Hello I have been trying to place an order and your site won't accept my payment and I have used my information before on your site to make a purchase and was very satisfied. I'd like to make another purchase. If you could help it would be appreciated."
    2014-10-21 06:24

    "it says my order number is 20141015010001 just wanna make sure that that order has been placed and paid for and that that is the only one and can you please send me my tracking number"
    2014-10-15 13:50

    "I think I submitted my order on the 15th right? that should be my only order and will you make sure that is my only order and please email me as soon as possible with the confirmation thanks....I only ordered one pair of bapes size 11 thanks please confirm asap"
    2014-10-15 13:29

    "Is it possible to pay with PayPal"
    2014-10-11 13:21

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